Getting you CONXTD

Looking for a way to deliver that little something extra to your customers and build customer retention?

Introducing CONXTD

WebWay present a unique service for you to sell to your end users; CONXTD a mobile app and browser service which converts alarms into easy to read icons, colours, timelines and graphs.

For the first time users will receive notifications when their system is opened, closed or there’s an event.

Personalise, remotely set/unset, visualise alarms and receive notifications from one or more panels.

End User benefits

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Add Value

CONXTD is ideal for adding value to a Bells Only/Audible alarm systems. It enables panels to be upgraded to Self Monitoring, transforming the customer’s experience of their existing system, and opens your opportunity to up-sell to Temporary or Professional Monitoring at any time.

The event time line can combine alarms with images from your site allowing you to install the best systems from the best manufacturers. It's all integrated for you and we have connectivity to all leading monitoring stations.

Create a community

It’s always nice to know that there’s someone nearby who can go to site if there are any issues when you’re not there. Users can create their own monitoring community of friends, family or colleagues who can view the site and receive notifications. CONXTD can be used for Self Monitoring or as a companion to Professional Monitoring.

View information any time, anywhere

Life gets busy, we know that. So to make it as easy as possible, users can remotely monitor alarm systems on any device. For use on mobile and tablet devices, simply download the CONXTD app from the app store, and view the information any time, any where.

All in your control

Subscription Manager

You subscribe your customers to the CONXTD App from inside WebWayWorld. View all your requested, accepted user and manage email invite resends. Everything is under your control.

Your branding

CONXTD sends a personalised invitation on your behalf. CONXTD displays your branding and contact details right inside the App.

You control the billing

CONXTD has a very easy sign up process, it is billed to you, not the end user. How you charge them is completely in your control. You can even try the first 4 weeks for free, with no commitment.

CONXTD is valued by many installers and end users across the UK. It works with single or dual path systems, using any communications technology.

Here to help

We've created a dedicated installer support section for CONXTD in WebWay World, full of helpful documentation to get you started and answer some of your questions about the new service.

Connect any alarm panel to our CONXTD platform and you open up your options for recurring revenue. Want to know more how it will benefit the End User? Visit or contact us to discuss more today.

Why not try a demo?

If you've got a either a WebWay connected to your office alarm system or a test WebWay device, you can add CONXTD to this site by going to Connections and clicking the grey CONXTD logo next to the site.

Simply enter your name and email address and you'll receive an invite via email to set up CONXTD.

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End User benefits

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