Future proof your signalling

Transmit your critical data over internet, 3G, 4G and PSTN networks.

Secure & Reliable

Your WebWay and alarms are protected from hacking. Securely transmit over internet, radio or PSTN. Encrypted end to end, from device to monitoring station.

Panel Integration

WebWay's include the protocols of the widest range of manufacturers. Connect to the serial bus or modem capture for Contact ID, SIA, UDL and ARM.

3G Roaming SIM

Access more network paths for fewer false alarms and key holder call outs. Reliable, fast and hard to jam radio.

Smart Reporting

Prevent unnecessary call outs for single path network faults using a unique automatic alarm management tool.

Network Monitoring

Broadband, radio & PSTN up time is checked and published in WebWay World and Command Centre with full diagnostics to support remedial action.

Insurance Class

Cert Alarm approved to EN 2012 regulations from Grade 1 to Grade 4 and UK insurance.

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WebWay Nano

High speed single path signalling. Configured your way

WebWay Nano is a cost effective single path signalling solution for low risk home and small businesses. It’s the perfect solution for self-monitoring, UDL and remote servicing, with optional alarm routing to a Professional ARC.

Nano is our smallest available device that can be configured the way you need it, when you need it:

Nano 3G - Great for replacing a fixed line digi PSTN communicator without the hassle of cabling to a router.

Nano IP - The perfect solution for a digi replacement where radio signalling is not viable due to poor coverage.

Nano WiFi- The ideal wireless IP solution that can save engineers time on site. Nano WiFi is highly flexible and can be installed locally or remotely from the alarm system, up to 50m away.

Nano has been independently tested and certified to the highest European and UK Standards for Intruder and Fire Alarm Signalling. The device is approved to EN50136 and EN50131, CPD and PD6669 standards.

So if you’re after a single path device with full flexibility to use as a self monitored or ARC monitored solution, download the brochure below.

Download the NANO brochure

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WebWay Smart

Dual path signalling in the configuration you want, to the EN Standard you require

WebWay’s Smart series is a dual path device that is designed for higher risk premises requiring insurance and police response.  Its modular design means that installers have the option to choose the configurations they want, to the grade that they need, when their customers need it.

Smart Dual Radio - Designed to give you maximum availability without the need of a telephone line or broadband connectivity. This unit supports signalling up to DP4, The second module can be installed up to 50 metres away from the alarm panel.

Smart IP /Radio – This unit supports grades up to DP4 signalling. WebWay Smart IP/ Radio uses IP as the primary path & radio as the secondary path. It’s popularity stems from its simplicity to install, simple firewall rules and fast remote access of over path.

Download the SMART brochure

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Total security, total peace of mind.

Smart Triple Path is the perfect solution for signalling up to DP4. With a theoretical uptime of over 99.99% it’s the most reliable solution for sending your critical data. It’s ideal when you want the highest reliability for your most prestigious customers, or a near fault free system.

Smart Triple Path uses three separate local network connections; broadband and 2 independent radio paths using roaming SIMs from different network service providers. If a path fails, the connection has 2 paths remaining at all times, so no matter what is thrown your way we’ve got you covered.

WebWay’s Triple path range has been independently tested and certified to the highest European and UK Standards for Intruder and Fire Alarm. WebWay’s network provides secure transmission services for alarms, images, UDL and network monitoring; Smart Triple Path provides all these services over any working path.

So if you want signalling with complete peace of mind, download the brochure below.

Download the TRIPLE PATH brochure

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Monitor and manage more than intruder and fire alarms

More triggers and outputs

You can expand the number of triggered inputs connected to your WebWay to up to 42. Monitor multiple fridges or any other triggered applications. Plug on more inputs directly onto your device or use our Remote Inputs board.

Connect your legacy

Use our plug on Modem Capture Module to upgrade an alarm system digi modem to digital alarm signalling and remote management over internet or radio.

Power, managed

Monitor the power and battery characteristics of your alarm panel. WebWay's Powercomm module monitors for mains failure and reports battery status, connecting to dedicated inputs on the Pro or Mini. If your WebWay is installed in it's own tamper proof box, there is a dedicated input for tamper too.

UTC - Aritech integration

For users of Aritech systems you can connect your WebWay directly to the Aritech ATS7090 module for alarm signalling and UDL directly onto the panel's I2C bus.

Remote Manager

Securely manage your systems remotely

With a team that is more mobile than ever before, offering services securely from wherever you are is a challenge, but with WebWay Remote Manager installed on the same PC as your alarm panels servicing software, you can.

You can run your panel's UDL package on your PC and access the WebWay World platform over broadband internet, 3G or 4G securely without the need for a VPN.

WebWay Remote Manager automatically creates a unique and encrypted connection to your sites, restricted per user.

We support both UDL and RRI functions, dependent on your alarm panel.

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